Video Clips

"Mirror Mirror"

With a world of options found on television today, we find the values of good family programming lost.  This show will reach into the homes of those who long for laughter and a clean message of hope. Fit for all ages, Mirror Mirror will touch your heart and bring smiles to your family. 


Rock Productions partnered with Purety Productions and began shooting Mirror Mirror in New England. Starring Donna Douglas, who played Elly Mae off the Beverly Hillbillies, and Misty Lockheart. This partially animated project is now in post production, Mirror Mirror will then be scheduled for network review. Directed by Donna Dodge and produced by Karen McCann of Rock Productions and Misty Lockheart of Purety Productions. 

"Chronicles of Life"

Monica was a loving 16 year old that had a beautiful relationship with her grandmother. But as she turns 18, she falls into a lifestyle of partying and alcohol. She grows distant from Gree by her guilt and deception. Turning cold, she has little concern for others. 


Truth however, can be found when it's least expected. Monica is embraced by Truth through Angels unaware. Guiding her and helping her to find her way back to love. Monica realizes that life is precious and that each of us can make a difference. .


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Cldifference. .

"100 Young Americans"

Misty was chosen out of thousands of teens across America to represent her generation. With a wide variety of lifestyles and choices, each teen is unique. Misty was interviewed on Good Morning American with Chris Comeau. Her clip is one of the few that is aired on www.100youngamericans.comdifference. .